Chanel & Sam Destination: Puerto Rico

Some people only dream big, these two just make big things happen.  I knew this was a special new friendship in the first ten minutes in studio.  Sam is a gregarious guy enthusiastic about life and love.  Chanel knows just how much he adores her and sparkles in her own brilliant way.  Together, they dreamed up getting married at a favorite resort of theirs, the Ritz Carleton Reserve in Dorado Puerto Rico.  I can see what it is a favorite–wow!  Chanel picked the perfect dress for the occasion as Sam waited beneath the palm-tree beach for his bride to come down the sand aisle.  Their friends know how to have a good time as well!  We met so many solid people in our short time there, but the family might have been the highlight!  Now we know why these two are so special; families that love this deeply are hard to find.  Thank you for sharing a bit of that love with us and adopting us into the family.

Contributing Vendors: Ritz Carlton Reserve (venue), Arquetipo (florist), Music Factory (music), Epitome Papers (invitations), Caridad Vidro (makeup / hair)