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Who really gets an opportunity to shoot a wedding in Peru anyways? Long story short, I was out in NYC and had a chance to meet up with Christina and Jhon at a cupcake shop to hear about their vision for their wedding day. Jhon’s family is from the Dominican Republic and Christina’s from Lima, Peru where the ceremony and reception would be hosted by her family. What a colorful vision the family drew up; singing, cultural dancing and food that just kept coming! The entire wedding was done in Spanish and start to finish was a day filled with spice, passion and mucho amor! I think her brother warned me that I was stepping into "My Big Fat Greek Wedding on crack." He wasn’t too far off as I laughed hard all weekend. During our stay we tacked on some time to travel to rural parts of Peru along the Amazon and the Andes Mountains, including the ceremonial ground of Machu Pichu. Christina and Jhon, thank you for adopting me into your family and sharing your love with me. May this art be a reminder of your love.

When the darling of the Youth Group meets her Prince Charming, there is a party to be had! Megan and Mike are two of the most down-to-earth genuine people and everyone was so excited that they found each other. With a pastor named Siler that could stand in for most any rockstar, you just know you are amongst the coolest people the North Shore of Chicago has to offer. For me, it was extra special to capture their day, as their church has been my family’s home church for the past six years. We has so much fun throughout their wedding day, got private access to beaches in the area and capped it off with some moody images at nightfall to put a final artistic stamp on the day. Since Chicago is like a second home, thank you both for making me feel like family over the Thanksgiving holiday. As your friends find love, keep me in mind as I would be honored to come back! 





Destination weddings rock my world! When Andrew and Emily started dreaming up a destination wedding, I knew I would be in for an adventure. They explored options all over Mexico and the Carribean, eventually landing on Montego Bay , Jamaica. Even though stylistically fashionable in every detail of the day, it was their authentic love that made even the most incredible island images stand apart. Their friends so admired their relationship and was obvious in the week’s conversations and activities leading up to the ceremony. God made his presence known as just when the family laid hands on the couple to pray, the sky lit up with streaks of light embracing the union of husband and wife. Highlights of our trip included a big welcome party, Jamaica-style, jerk everything, swimming in glowing blue waters at night and just the absolute most perfect day for a wedding. I also had the opportunity to bring along a photographer friend of mine for another perspective on the details of the day, Mr. Spencer Combs. Besides being uber talented, he brought a great complimentary eye, his friendship that I cherish, as well as some great laughs along the way. Check out his blog for additional memories of Andrew and Emily’s wedding day. Thank you for sharing your joy as it is great to feel like we have new friends for life’s journey. To anyone else planning a small wedding abroad, learn from these two that you would not want to do it any other way…oh, and take us with you to capture all the adventure!