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Weddings are supposed to be marked by authenticity and excitement. Libby and Nathan redefined both. We started the day at the fabulous Brett Dorian’s hair and make-up studio attached to the Solar Arts Building. Friends gathered in the Ox Room at Indeed Brewing to toast the happy couple and provide the fuel of laughter we all needed this day. Nathan knows just how great he has it with family and friends by his side. After the brewery, we all headed to the altar to witness this union at the Metropolitan Ballroom. There was a sense of awe and wonder as guests took in the sincerity and awesomeness of these two people coming together as they asked for the love and support of those closest to them. Instant Request’s Jimmy, took it from there as the music rocked into the night and no one wanted to step back into the cold. Warm hearts draw people in.

Contributing Vendors: Bridal Support by Leeah (Wedding Planner), Metropolitan Ballroom (Venue), Brett Dorian Artistry Studios (hair and makeup), Molly’s Gardens (Florist), D’Amico (Catering), Luxe Bridal Salon (Wedding Dress Shop), JoS. A. Bank (Grooms Attire), Crazy Cam (Photo Wall), Instant Request (music), Renee’s Royal Valet (transportation)

I like these two. I mean, what’s not to like about Laura and Michael? Both come from great families who adore this pairing and for those of us in the married club, we know this means the world! Michael and I first met at his brother’s wedding on the beaches of Jamaica. Over the years, this family has become very special to me. Laura and I also shared many stand-up friends in common so I had starred this date a long time ago. Even Minnesota Bride Magazine took notice of this couple and their engagement session at Grandview Lodge in Brainerd has been featured in the most recent issue and its table of contents. Quite a feat indeed!

As we made our way from the fabulous downtown swank of the Marquette Hotel to the classic architecture of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, massive snowflakes fell and blessed this day from heaven above and made for memorable photographs. Back at Windows on Minnesota atop the IDS, the party would live on late, but not without Laura and Michael taking a curtain call out on Nicollet Mall as the snow. We love you both and can’t wait to celebrate again in the studio!

Contributing Vendors: Mount Olivet Lutheran Church (ceremony venue), Windows on Minnesota (reception venue), Mother of the Bride (wedding planner), JJ Designs (florist), Apres (rental decor), Northern Lights (videographer), Instant Request DJ (music), Renees Royal Valet (transportation)

Some weddings make you pinch yourself and you take a step back to realize that this is your job. Some families invite you into their most sacred spaces in life, hug you tight, and make you feel like part of the family. Some planners and venues have things so on point with so much love, that the guest experience takes their breath away. This was all true today.
Erin’s combination of sweetness, sporty, and smarts make her the definition of a triple threat. Oh, and Chris knows! Nothing gets past this intentional man whose smile disarms the toughest of exteriors. Our Lady of Grace in Edina welcomed us and then sent us on our way to the doors of the historic Machine Shop and the art of Nicolle, from Mother of the Bride, along with the talents of Arts and Flowers. Candles were lit, tears rolled (as did the wine) and the band brought us all home; smirky and slap-happy with joy for Erin and Chris.