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We view this special village in Guatemala as part of our extended family.  We often feel we stay more in touch with them then we do our own families stateside. Francisco, the principal at the primary school, sends us monthly hellos, updates on the families and community, holiday wishes, and now even occasional photos!  He keeps a pulse on those in most need around the village, with keeping a special heart for young girls deserving of a chance to attend school with their neighborhood friends.





I just have to share a little project I have been working on!  This is a special family of people who believe in passing along good in the world.  Their ringleader is none other than the inventor and founder of Medtronic, Dr. Earl Bakken who has become a good friend over these years of the project and lives on the Big Island.  Earl’s vision was to rally inspiring people living with devises that have dedicated to do something incredible with their “extra life” they have been given and share that story with the rest of the world.  Here is a peek at the honorees this year.  It is indeed a highlight of the year and an absolute honor to retell their story through my images.

A highlight of the year is when we get to rip open a large, mangled manila envelope complete with a thick stack of special notes and pictures drawn by our scholarship kids on paper that has still has the lingering smell of volcanic soot and chickens. It teleports me back. On each page is a sweet ‘thank you’ written in Spanish, some upper grade levels are working on their English so some words are already translated in crayon.