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It’s that time of year! We all know that no boyfriend or girlfriend wants to go through another season of family gatherings answering the same questions about their serious relationship. To compound things, diamond commercials come at you faster than bugs on a Brainerd windshield while partners try to talk themselves out of what might be waiting for them under the tree. We feel for couples this time of year.

Here are some insight that may help you prepare your perfect holiday proposal, coming from a husband/wife team and local “wedding experts”. After all, we have heard over 1,000 proposal stories, and there are some definite dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do: Go To Grandma/Grandpa
Grandparents are a treasure both as people and also quite literally. You smile, but it’s not viewed as frugal to ask grandparents if they would have any special jewelry that you could use. They would be honored to be the first to know and the story of your intentionality will leave an impact on the whole family.

Don’t: Forget To Include Family  
The smallest gesture of intentionality goes a very long way, even into the early years of marriage. Ask for a sister’s advice on a ring, a brother to grab a beer and ask for his support or insight, or coordinate with parents if you’re thinking about proposing on a family trip or gathering.

Do: Find Out If A Surprise Is A Good Thing
Find out whether your partner is a ‘just surprise me’ or a ‘I want to pick it out’ kind of person. Give hypotheticals in a light moment on a date to gauge reaction and feedback. If you are on different pages, a simple proposal ring is great solution for the person wanting the ‘surprise’ moment and timing, while still getting the joy of picking the actual wedding rings out together. Many times this is the best of both worlds.

Don’t: Forget The Proposal Is Just The Start
As the person doing the proposing, there are hours of thought, savings, conversations, self-talk, and energy that have gone into the proposal itself. Acknowledge and recognize all the pre-planning that has been done and then you can get started on planning your dream day. This could mean anything from a lavish weekend destination all the way to something small and simple at home. Figure out your top 5 priorities for your wedding, and know that it’s never too soon to contact vendors, especially photographers. Each year nearly 25% of our couples will book our services before they even have a date or venue!


Do: Wait To Post On Social Media
Honor close fiends by giving yourselves a special 24-48 hours to tell family or runaway for a night to celebrate. My wife Janelle and I spent the morning in Duluth having coffee and freaking out before we got to called our list of people we wanted to tell first. That list hasn’t changed in eight years and those people know how special and raw our excitement was.

Don’t: Try To Impress Everyone Else
Sure, social media will feast on the news, but the people that matter most to you would love to know that your partner’s heart and priories took center stage in that moment and you made it intentional and thoughtful. That is the story that everyone will remember.

Do: Photograph Your Proposal!
It’s never too late to ask a professional and we usually get very excited and caught up in the fun and planning. A professional can also help calm nerves and give you a secret support team. We are here for you and have many ideas to share!

With that, we wish you the very happiest of holidays and send our luck to those couples looking to take the next step. We’re there for you!

Andrew & Janelle Vick
Vick Photography

This is a love story that started with friends connecting from out of state and culminated with a wedding in downtown St. Paul at the fabulously renovated St. Paul Intercontinental Riverfront. Cool temps caused the tree canopy to change quickly as we literally had leaves falling on our heads during Juan’s first look at his bride. Juan’s lightheartedness and strength makes him a perfect fit to a caring detailed person like Elizabeth. Boy, these two love to laugh! These two are close with their families and they joined in the fun before darting over to St. Mary’s Church to make things official. The ballroom wowed guests with its floor to ceiling glass overlooking the river. As the sun sank, kids flooded the dance floor grabbing an adult hand for a few twirls as the camera fired away.

Contributing Vendors: St. Mary’s Church (ceremony venue), St. Paul Intercontinental Riverfront (reception venue), Richfield Flowers and Events (florist), Buttercream Bakery (dessert), The Wedding Shoppe (bridal shop), Emily J (hair and makeup), HQLB productions (videographer), Midwest Sound (music), Custom Sewing by Heather (tailoring)

Snow! The first flakes of the year fell in October in Stillwater and Aimee and Josh were the beneficiaries. White fell all around and made for frosting on trees and tops of buildings. The JX Event Venue definitely impressed, the old shoe factory had been restored to one of the hot new event spaces in town. As a couple, these two have been through a lot in life already and deserved a day celebrate. Aimee’s sweet smile told the story and Josh kept surprising me (and himself) with how present his heart was in each moment. We did get our laughs in, as I whisked away the newlyweds atop the bluffs to take in the sights. I didn’t want this day to end.

Contributing Vendors: JX Event Venue, Fluer de Lis (florist), Mintahoe (catering), Pattesserie 46 (dessert), Che Bella (bridal shop), Premium Entertainment (music)