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One of our lovely couples, Amanda and Josh, were featured in the magazine’s couples spotlight. Then, in the article, To Have and to Pose, Andrew was interviewed to give expert advise on how to have a better engagement session and come away with photos of your dreams.

To read more wonderful content from MN Bridge Magazine, visit their website or buy a copy for yourself if you’re in the MN area. We can’t wait for more great tips and articles from them!

Some weddings make you pinch yourself and you take a step back to realize that this is your job. Some families invite you into their most sacred spaces in life, hug you tight, and make you feel like part of the family. Some planners and venues have things so on point with so much love, that the guest experience takes their breath away. This was all true today.
Erin’s combination of sweetness, sporty, and smarts make her the definition of a triple threat. Oh, and Chris knows! Nothing gets past this intentional man whose smile disarms the toughest of exteriors. Our Lady of Grace in Edina welcomed us and then sent us on our way to the doors of the historic Machine Shop and the art of Nicolle, from Mother of the Bride, along with the talents of Arts and Flowers. Candles were lit, tears rolled (as did the wine) and the band brought us all home; smirky and slap-happy with joy for Erin and Chris.