This was one of the most unique experiences of my life. Angela and Steffen live in Eden Prairie, MN and contacted me to photograph their wedding in Germany of all places. The wedding was held in Stefen’s home town of Irslingen and the small town shut down literally for the entire weekend to celebrate. The day before their wedding was Father’s day and the town threw a mini Octoberfest to commemorate the occasion; polka band in lederhosen and the whole bit. It is truly small town Germany when the polka band becomes the church band at the ceremony, then transforms into the entertainment for the reception that evening.

The day started off with a bang at the break of day with fireworks outside the place everyone was staying. Before the wedding, I encouraged the couple to go "site-seeing" to relieve stress, but also to pick some of their favorite romantic places which included a castle with a real moat. What a photo shoot!

The wedding was a solid 24-hour event and the reception alone ran until 6am, including a kidnapping of the bride! The reception featured party hats made of newspaper, chants, broasts, Elvis skits, and even a log the bride had to saw in half to demonstrate their partnership…it had it all! For a Minnesotan to be adopted by this small town kilometers from the Black Forrest, was an experience never to be duplicated in this lifetime.

Angela & Steffen