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I love my job. I am a believer that God has an amazing sense of humor when he puts people together and knows exactly what kind of combustion is about to take place. Its like a chemistry class mixing beakers that you know full well by putting the two containers together that a small explosion will take place, but it never gets old watching what happens. Derek and Michelle are proof of His humor, both in how they fit ridiculously well together and the role they have played in my life and relationship with my fiance, Janelle.

In my initial meeting with them there was just something that clicked. I had no idea that in the months leading up to the wedding, Derek would be an important piece in preparing my heart for marriage as we got to spend breakfast together every Thursday, even the week of his wedding. The joy he lives from was addictive and his perspective on his bride was life-giving. So I found if fitting that on the morning of his wedding, I was the first customer in the jeweler shop purchasing the ring that I was planning to propose with and carried it with me all day in my pocket as we photographed Derek and Michelle’s love. Ok, I might have been a little extra emotional all day, but my heart saw things it never had before. I am so thankful I am on this journey with you two and I anticipate with enthusiasm the small explosions along the way.



So I have a couple fun annoucments to make.  Over the holidays I decided to join the club and propose the Lady of my dreams, Janelle Nelson.  Life is simply way better with her than without her, and I am a better man because of her love and grace.  (That is the mushy part…sorry readers).  
The next day, I was asked to appear on Twin Cities Live and give some photography tips to the public.  Needless to say, the producers caught wind of my proposal, wanted photos, and well….you will have to watch to hear how I proposed.  Enjoy a little peak into my life.  Thank you for all your encouragement!


It’s Halloween the night before your wedding day, you are the bride and you need to come up with a killer idea to celebrate. Of course you decide to write your own Murder Mystery dinner party where you are the lead narrator, cause it’s not like it’s a big weekend for you or anything, right? Bree is my hero and wins the award for most creative rehearsal dinner party. Our laughter carried on into the next day where her wedding party got into a little West Side Story role play. So here is a little insight into my dangerous creative brain: On any given Saturday in the summer, one can witness anywhere from 3 to 6 other wedding parties roaming the gorgeous grounds of Rice Park in St. Paul say around 3:00. Sure enough, as we made our way to the center of the park, I saw Bree eyeing the other bridesmaids strolling the park. Just then, I heard my friend, Noah Wolf a very talented photographer,  call my name and we decided to reinact a little stand-off of the Jet’s vs. the Pink Ladies. It was awesome. Then onto the beautiful ceremony and reception at the James J. Hill Library, elegantly styled by Fete Perfection. Bree and Braden, thank you for having such a wonderful playful spirit about you. Thank your family for adoption me for the weekend!