After meeting with Heather and Neal for the first time and hearing the vision for their wedding, I had been marking down the days until this celebration. With Heathers’ taste for style and class and Neals’ taste for, well….a good rockin party, the two danced their way from the Chambers Hotel in downtown Minneapolis to becoming pieces of art themselves over at the Walker galleries. The ceremony was really more of a cocktail party: upon entering the room all guests received wine glasses pared with lively jazz music from the string quartet. As the wine glasses parted a girl in white on the arm of her dad emerged from the crowd as they met to exchange vows and a royal ruckus ensued! It was fun to see many warm and familiar faces from many previous weddings as a part of the crowd and wedding party, I’m just humbled to be a part of this celebration.

Heather & Neal

Want to know the best destination wedding location within three hours of the cities? It’s Duluth! There’s something magical in the air at the North Shore and for some reason, Sarah and Justin tapped into all of it. Normally you wouldn’t think in March you’d be fighting snow drifts and negative tempetures, but after being gifted with a chilly day, this wedding party’s warm laughter made for an epic time. With their joy they turned an old gymnasium into a fun and funky backdrop for wedding photos complete with fire truck red paint and private back hallways. Thanks for adopting me for the weekend and treating me like family!


sarah & Justin

We are three days into our work here in Guatemala. I met up with the work team perfectly at the airport and it was a refreshing change to have an entire week planned out for me. The first night the mothers of the families for which we will be constructing the homes for cooked up a specail traditional meal as a form of welcome. They are all so surprised and excited that a group from the states would come all the way here to help them and build for them a shelter.

Work began on the homes today, I have never sweated so much in my life. I had to keep telling myself that this is all out of love and service….a wonderful challenge. I hurt all over, but have not fallen sick. Photos will come shortly as soon as I find a faster internet connection.