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  Today marks the day that the princess of the Village finds her match. I couldn’t be more excited! Christine and I grew up at church camp where she was the head of the elementary age kids and I headed up the junior high program. To see such a good friend experience love like she has found in Nathan gave me goosebumps all day. They have the cutest story; their dads actually played matchmaker! Within two months they were engaged and in six months, wedding bells. This Wayzata party continued on to the Carlson Rotunda which would have made any fairytale dream come true.

When Brenna and Jason told me they were getting married, I was so excited for them! Not only had they been a part of several weddings that we have photographed but their wedding party was filled with friends of Living Room Studios. The Weddings of Wayzata served as a spring board to some of God’s most serene landscape found in the metro area. Being an avid fisherman, I had a vision this spring to find a way to incorporate the stillness and romance found on the lake and merge it into the wedding story. Thanks to Brenna and Jason for going along with it, I think it was a hit! The day progressed to Gale Woods Farm, complete with lawn games, wild flowers and a blue grass band. The day couldn’t have been more perfect! 

When two artists find each other and a third is invited in to document their day, magic can happen. Thanks to Donnie and Laura, I was given a long creative leash to explore their day with…and came away with some intense color and playful vibe. My favorite may just be the red backdrop we found at a local shopping area (can’t say where as it may get us in trouble!) Gosh, if these images gave me the chills, you two might want to have your hankie ready. Your love and gregarious personalities collided to provide the perfect script…enjoy reliving the laughs!