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Molly and I bonded earlier this year as she had the privilege of being the personal attendant for Jamie Bastian’s wedding. A few weeks later, Jamie returned the favor and we had an absolute blast! It was a couple weeks to early for the fall leaves, but fortunately I found some great locations around St. Louis Park. From golden leaves around the lake, to an old rail car that had been out of commission, we had quite the playground of color. Molly and Scott feel like old friends I have known for years and it was truly a special day for me to be a part of their joy. Thank you for sharing your lives with me! 


When two beautiful hearts find each other, I am convinced God does a bluegrass knee-slapping jig in heaven. If this is the case, there should have been a whole music festival all day and night. I found myself giggling and giving thanks for authentic love and it made me appreciate my own relationship with my new fiance that much more. That is what a wedding should do, right? Jessica is a classic, caring spirit that fell for a sensitive jock, Jon. The two played all day long with the camera, starting with their first meeting on her parents dock and progessing to their favorite bar for a mean game of softball and cigars. The day went by way too fast but I look forward to our double dates in the future. Know what a blessing and inspiration you two are. 



If you can’t decide which of the twin cities is more charming, why not have them both? That is exactly what Brad and Kaisa did! They had the help of a genius wedding coordinator, Joan Nilsen of Ambiente, to plan the most glorious day. It was a day of downtown love and after a breathtaking ceremony, we got to play with the giant doors of the church to keep everyone dry. Needless to say, both us us photographers took one for the team in the name of art as we felt like little drowned puppy dogs heading to the St. Paul Hotel for the reception. The place just glowed! I love Kaisa and Brad’s adventurous spirit and I feel like I walked away from this wedding having new friends for life.