We hope you are getting excited for your upcoming session. We have put together some great tips below to help you prepare for your time with Andrew. He is looking forward to your session and is excited to create some unforgettable memories.

Please contact us with any questions at or 952-929-4295



Prepare Your Wardrobe

Wear what makes you feel most like “yourself” and have fun with it. Keep in mind to avoid clothes that are too revealing or that restrict movement as we will be moving a lot and shooting from many different angles. Be yourself and wear clothes you would normally go out in and most importantly, feel comfortable in.

What to wear depends on your group's style. Try to stay in the same color family and go light or dark but not both. When in doubt, keep it classic and simple. A few common tips are to avoid loud patterns, plaids, florals, stripes, and instead choose solid colors that compliment one another.  If you’re having trouble coming up with some ideas, look around your home and coordinate with your decor. This will help when ordering prints and art to place in your home.

Please discuss apparel with your family in advance of your photo shoot date. You will want to coordinate colors and style if possible. Please reach out to us if you would like additional tips for your group photo.

If your session will be outdoors, don't forget to dress for the season! Weather can change quickly, so we recommend bringing a jacket or sweater in case the weather turns cool.


Props Can Be Fun

Think of something quirky you like that says a lot about your personality. Think about what you do in your free time, what teams you cheer for, or things that make you laugh out loud. You can’t go wrong with laughter!


Bring A Professional

Consider hiring a makeup artist or having your hair professionally styled at a salon. We have plenty of wonderful recommendations if you’re interested. A trip to the barber can be a nice way to spruce up for your close-ups and make sure your hair is professionally manicured.



Where Can We Change?

We can start at the studio or your home in your first outfit, then change into a second look before we move on to the next location. We recommend dressing in layers. It’s easy to add or take off a jacket, sweater, or accessories so you won’t have to spend precious time searching for a changing room while out on your shoot.


What Happens If It Rains?

Since we live in Minnesota, we’re used to unpredictable weather! We have an indoor space at The Living Room Studios in Saint Louis Park and lots of fun ideas to work around unexpected weather. Unless it’s raining, we’ll still head outside. If it does rain, you do have the option to reschedule to our next open booking without losing your session fee.


What About Heat Advisories or Illness?

If there is a heat advisory or an illness, we definitely want to keep you safe and healthy, so we have an option to reschedule to our next open booking without losing your session fee.



Gallery Reveal

Your gallery will arrive 4 weeks after your session and gives you the opportunity to review your images and select your favorites prior to your ordering session  


Order Wrap Up

After you receive your gallery, we’ll get together again to review your favorite photos and talk through customizing the perfect products for you, your home, and your family. This is one of our favorite parts of our time together and any family members are welcome to come along


Enjoy your Art!

Enjoy showing off your family heirlooms. We can’t wait to see your art and family’s heart displayed on your walls and to be cherished for years to come