Carrie & Brian Underwater

Carrie and Brian planned an unbelievable wedding experience in Key Largo, Florida a few years ago. At that time, they had wanted me to come up with something that incorporated her competitive swimming background and her wedding dress. As the water of the Key's wasn't as crystal clear as we had hoped, at night's end we jumped into the hotel pool and created our "mermaid" photograph together.  

These two have become dear friends over the years, so fast forward to this fall when Carrie learned she was pregnant, she asked me to create an underwater sequel. I couldn't wait! I lined up a friend's pool, had strobes and video lights all over the deck, and we all jumped in for some nighttime underwater magic. Carrie could not have been more beautiful and the fabric of her dress danced in the pool lights with Brian by her side. We splashed and laughed a lot in the darkness of night as my camera soaked up the moment and bubbles below. Afterward, we were all exhausted, it’s hard to work keeping a baby belly underwater. We sat poolside and laughed while we sipped on margaritas and sparkling cider and indulged in dark chocolates for all! This is a trip to the pool I will never forget!

Merina Burda