How We Got Started

Our wedding couples have my wife, Janelle, to thank for building this bridge between ladies whose wedding dreams come true, and little ladies who can begin to now dream because of it. Years ago, Janelle had heard of a work project through her church, Solomon’s Porch, where families would be gifted a new home as a way out of poverty. One home costs $1,800 and consists of one room for all activities much like a small studio apartment. As most of the food is also cooked on wood-fed stoves with soot billowing in the same room as kids sleep, environmental precautions are now in the works to help keep the air clean for families. After Janelle and I had been dating for a few months, I asked if I could join her on the next trip as it had been one of the biggest influences on her life. Over the last fifteen years, this project has built over 60 homes for families who would not be able to afford to do so and we have been a part of five of those trips.