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Wedding Date: April 23rd 2016

The Minneapolis Club hush could be felt in each room as friends and family had been assigned their tasks to get ready for the big event.  Chairs were lined and decorated to perfection, centerpieces straightened, and clinking of beverages filled the getting ready rooms.  It was Tonia and Paul's big day!  Following an emotional first look, we headed down the street to the Foshay Tower for a little throw-back fun and view of the city.  Wind gusts finally chased us away back the the club, and after completing family photos, it was time to get these two best friends married.  There was one little surprise planned that flew in from New York City.  The Three Waiters are an opera traveling group that pose as actual wait staff, then erupt into song at acute interruptions until all in the room realize these party crashers are actually hired professional singers.  It was fabulous!  I expect Tonia and Paul to have much more up their sleeves in the years to come. 

Contributing Vendors: Minneapolis Club (venue), The Three Waiters (entertainers), Festivities (florist), Buttercream (dessert), Instant Request (DJ), Paper 'n Peonies (invitations)

Wedding Date: March 12th 2016

See the story starts with twin brothers, a lovely bride and a pregnant cancan dancer dressed in red. Two strangers with guns enter the room, fire two shots in the air and take the whole wedding hostage.  The groom gets slapped, the cancan dancer throws herself at the twin brother before she abruptly runs off....and somehow everyone is fine with it and lives happily ever?!  OMG.  No matter how I try to retell Elsa and Art's wedding it still sounds like a lead in to a good punch line or far-fetched movie.  Well, the movie part isn't too far off in fact as the two chose to marry at long fabled Old Tucson Studios.  This is home to some of movie's best narratives and epic sets, namely The Three Amigos, Tombstone, Wild Wild West, and countless of classic Westerns.  Saguaros frame off this plot of land like towering totem poles of history and legend. I must say, these two have the 'wow factor' in heaps. It's easy to be Elsa and Art's super-fans, as they just love being around family and quality friends who keep life lighthearted.  Even the staff at Old Tucson picked up on the theme of keeping things easy as they pulled out their very best this starry night.  I have a gut feeling this is only just the start of the fun this pair will have.  Janelle and I are honored to be invited along for the wild ride.  Giddy up!

Contributing Vendors: Old Tucson Studios (venue), Windy City DJs, Casino del Sol (accomodations)

I just have to share a little project I have been working on!  This is a special family of people who believe in passing along good in the world.  Their ringleader is none other than the inventor and founder of Medtronic, Dr. Earl Bakken who has become a good friend over these years of the project and lives on the Big Island.  Earl's vision was to rally inspiring people living with devises that have dedicated to do something incredible with their "extra life" they have been given and share that story with the rest of the world.  Here is a peek at the honorees this year.  It is indeed a highlight of the year and an absolute honor to retell their story through my images. 

Wedding Date: February 13th 2016

This clan of fantastic females in the Weum family gladly welcomed another great guy in Rob.  Everyone loves Robert.  He has the right amount of golf obsession to make any guy fall in love with him.  And one girl in particular named Kim.   These two are a perfect compliment to one another and personally just have had a riot getting to know them better over the past year.  Kimberly was a flawless definition of beauty in her mermaid-fit dress as she shed happy tears reading Rob's sweet words to her that morning.  This wedding had it all, from kids breakdancing to a bride and groom break to watch the PGA on their home couch, even a guy named Damien (all in attendance knows the A-game he brings to any family event).  The Depot Minneapolis gave us special access to clean, warm-weather ice before skaters took over the rink on this brisk wintery day downtown.  I adore you both and can't wait to hear the adventures you will go on.  Take me with you!

Contributing Vendors: The Depot Minneapolis (wedding venue), Richfield Flowers and Events (florist), Linen Effects (rental decor)


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