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The Machine Shop was loading early in the morning as the massive industrial doors creaked open to allow the first wave of creative vendors in for set up. Meanwhile, Kira’s condo lounge was a buzz with ladies dancing, music blaring, and Kira’s eyes a-rolling at her crazy friends. It was the perfect kick-off as Max waited outside for his bride, with the ladies being given an aerial view of the moment. Friends from near and far showed up at the Hewing Hotel for a quick game of pool and fed off Max’s enthusiasm as this guy was simply “pumped” to get married to a girl as amazing as Kira. Her beauty on the outside matches her heart, and friends draw close to its deep, safe quarters. The Machine Shop‘s crew paired with Lasting Impressions to create a statement in the room for all guests to take in. I am so happy for these two new friends and then many more friendships that forged this night to remember!

Contributing Vendors: Machine Shop (venue), Hewing Hotel (getting ready venue), Lasting Impressions (wedding planner), Sadie’s Floral (florist), Apres (rental decor), D’Amico Catering (catering and dessert), Sareh Nouri (dress designer), Annika Bridal (dress shop), Stuart Weitzman (brides shoes), Ralph Lauren (tux designer), Emily J (makeup and hair), Paper Rock Scissor (invitations), Synergy (music)

Natasha is a beauty to behold and Nicholas is an easy to get along with guy that knows just how lucky he is. Tears started off the day and worked their way into touching moments with toasts to Natasha’s adoption journey all the way to the alter and you could feel family well with pride for their children. Snow came out of nowhere and slowly transformed a beautiful fall afternoon into a wintery wonderland that included a snowball fight with the gents. The ladies came ready to dance and make the most of the unusual pre-season snow. The Gale Mansion and its warm glow amidst the blanket of white made us feel like we were in an old Hollywood classic. As classic as the setting was, so was this love story, complete with a very happy ending.

Contributing Vendors: Gale Mansion (venue), Woodlane Flowers (florist), Milbern Clothing (grooms attire), Rocco Altobelli (hair), Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment (music)


This time of year engagements are aplenty! When booking your photographer, it’s important to reach out as soon as possible since they are one of the first vendors to fill their calendars. That being said don’t hesitate to ask any time if you’re skipping the planning and going right to the party as many photographers love last minute bookings especially in the off-season and during the week.

This past year, we had over 20 couples contact us before they even had an exact date in mind! Photography was one of their top 3 wedding priorities and they had been following our work for years. They know that if you have been following a certain creative with the lens for months or even years, chances are others have been as well. Thanks to the surge of social media, appreciation of professional photography is at an all-time high. Everyone has access to a camera on their phone and now appreciate and are tuned in to what it takes to makes an image that gives you goose bumps.

Besides the image quality of a professional, couples have been drawn to companies that offer a fast response times and who offer hands-on services that address their questions and help them plan along the way. This season we have seen more couples able to plan a wedding in less than 8 months than ever before. It used to take an average of over 1 year! Part of this rise in speedy planning is due to a growth of special Minnesota venues and vendors that are enthusiastic about catering to the couples experience along the way.

So if you’re a newly engaged couple (or are about to pop the question), make a list of your top 5 wedding priorities and then start contacting your favorite vendors. Don’t forget that you can even book without a wedding date in order to line up your wedding all-stars. We’re always happy to lend an ear or advise, so contact us with any questions, we’re here to help!