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Wedding Date: July 11th 2015

I have been waiting for this day for many years.  We all have known what a catch Peter is as we have done a lot of life together dating back to Northern Pines Family Camp.  "Sweet Pete" as we would know him as, deserved an incredible partner and he found that in the strong and lovely Gretchen.  Being raised in the home of a talented photographer made Gretchen no stranger with the camera.  I do know these two will have a lot of fun in life together!  Both families care deeply for their kids and is evident in all the personal touches they made in their day.  Westwood Community Church was home base for their first look and ceremony, followed by an unbelievable party at Bluff Creek Golf Club where the wedding party tried their luck on the driving range.  Before twilight, we snuck off to catch the last rays of light.  I am thrilled for you and can't wait to see you soon back in studio to celebrate!

Contributing Vendors: Westwood Community Church, Bluff Creek Golf Course, Rockhouse Motion (videographer), Stems and Vines (florist), French Meadows (dessert), Midwest Sound (DJ), Apres (decor)

These two just got married this weekend up in Brainerd but we had to share a peek at their engagement session a few months back out in Vail Colorado.  We explored creek banks to old saw mills, finishing up with a trip to the ski hill for an old fashioned snowball fight.  The night in-between you could have found us sharing craft beer and embarking on an epic game of Mario Bros 3 until 1:30 am.  What an unforgettable time with hilarious new friends! 

Wedding Date: June 28th 2015

I have never witnessed such an epic bash in all my years.  The fabulous Sue Primer from Chicago teamed with the crew at Aria as well as four decor rental companies to pull this astonishing Jewish celebration off!  I had ventured to Chicago earlier in the winter to document their life as they knew it and I could tell right away this wedding would be one for the books.  Aria was complete with hundreds of candles, food stations, changing sets of up-lighting, and a live band brought in from Chicago.  All in attendance were primed to go!  Dancing was definitely the overarching theme as their excitement spilled out all over the dance floor punctuated by a healthy variety of dance moves from the happy couple.  We will have to do a reunion soon my friends! 

Contributing Vendors: Sue Primer (planner), Relive Weddings (videographer), Mobile Photo Wall, Sadie's Couture Floral & Event Styling (florist), Diamico (cake), Gold Coast All Stars (band),

Wedding Date:

A tree-lined patched led the way to her groom.  Blake stood with sweaty palms and hands fidgeting nervously as he heard the footsteps of his bride approaching.  A tap on the shoulder, a tight emotional embrace and they were off!  The ceremony at Incarnation Lutheran Church was prepared to perfection as the two promised their lives together before family and friends.  On the way to North Oaks Country Club, we stopped along the lakeside to get the party started a little early.  The Club was so creatively adorned with each table setting embracing their travel theme and all the happy places they have been in the world.  The sun made its mark across the tree line and reminded us how right it was in their little world.

Contributing Vendors: Lesley Quan (florist), Taste of Scandinavia (desserts), Instant Request (dj/band), Creative License (rental decor), Hair on Earth (hair)


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