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People love these two. Brigid is the glue of her friend group and gets things done. She is a brilliant school teacher as well and kids light up when they see her and know how lucky they are to have her attention. Ernie feels the same way. See, when Brigid’s brother said he had a buddy she should meet, she actually listened to some of her brother’s best wisdom and here we are! Ernie is ‘easy street’, present, happy and grateful to be alive. People are drawn into this couple’s web and then they announced they were having a surreal party starting at Our Lady of Grace and ending at the Minneapolis Event Center. Guests likely gave gold stars to this date, as they should! Family poured out their love all night starting with Brigid’s mom, guests taking in the band, our Crazy Cam, the floor-to-ceiling cake and flowers, and even the patio had a special vibe all its own. As the night came to a close, they departed in a sea of sparklers and a rousing ovation.

Contributing Vendors: Our Lady of Grace (ceremony venue), Minneapolis Event Center (reception venue), Darilyn Belsheim (wedding planner), Brown and Green (florist), Edg Productions (rental decor), John Jean Juan Cakes (cake), L’Atelier Bridal Botique (dress shop), Milburn (tux), Prana Lens (videographer), Crazy Cam (photo booth), The Sevilles (band)

When it rains, sometimes it pours! We saw the weather forecast for this one and it called for thunderstorms right around the start time, so we bumped the session up an hour. Thank goodness we did! We got some of the best light and lush greens you could ask for, and when the front came through, we were all caught up in the moment along Lake Calhoun Beach. Mali said, “Let’s do this!” and into the sheets of rain we went, camera gear, lights, and all. Sometimes we take mist, dust or even mosquitos and back-light them to make it appear like it is really raining. This one is FOR REAL raining buckets. We were rewarded for our enthusiasm with once-in-a-lifetime memories and art. Thanks for being adventurous Mali and Alex, as you know, I am always game for anything!

Pretty classic story, boy meets girl on a group bike ride in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, their energy drew them towards one another, and poof! Let’s have a wedding of a lifetime! I left out a lot of juicy details that had me captivated from minute one of our conversation, but I knew from the start that this would be a bond I will never forget. People LOVE these two and anyone walking by can see why. Maggie and Nick appreciate people in a special way, look them in the eyes (often laying a hand on the shoulder), and tell them how valued they are. The Lafayette Club looked perfect for this ceremony and party to follow. The party would last late into the night and guests left with their soul inspired to live a better life. Thank you.

Contributing Vendor: Lafayette Club (venue), Dawn Dacut (wedding planner), Richfield Flowers (florist), Linen Effects (rental decor), Buttercream (dessert), EM3 Films (videographer), David Levy (jewelry designer)Institchu (tux), Synergy (music), Minnetonka Yacht Club (rehearsal dinner), Morilee (dress designer)