Wedding Date: February 18th 2014

Hooray!  This adventure to Mexico came quickly and I could not think of two more fitting people in my world to pair together to celebrate like this.  I met Wendy a few years ago as we boarded a roller coaster in Green Bay for a friend's wedding.  She had been looking forward to sending me the sweetest email I would ever receive.  I just knew Kyle would be a stud, but meeting this creative cat was such a treat, I might have giggled a lot.  Janelle and I were well aware of the fun load of trouble we would be embarking on after a great night of wine at our house and putting together the final pieces for the wedding weekend.    

We wanted to make a trip out of it, plug into activities planned, becoming part of their families while making this our first family adventure.  Our little Diem is now fluent in Spanish.  Well, not quite but he picked up a new nickname from the locals: "Gordito" (little fat boy--I am not sure how long we can call him that.)  Latin culture is something both Janelle and I adore with our whole heart, and to meet two people who embrace that passion of culture, genuine people, and life, we knew we were the lucky ones.  Wendy had found the perfect dress and wore her hair down to let the wind add body to it.  Love!  On the wedding day, we explored the grounds of one of the most beautiful properties in all of Mexico, laughing and joking until our sides hurt.  Thanks to these two, thoughtful details were in abundance to make everyone who made the trip feel special.  The blend of emotional vows, good energy in the wedding party, laid back loving family, and startling scenery; we were set up for a fantastic night.  This photographer found his way back with everything exhausted knowing that I laid it all on the line all day.  These two deserved it.  We love you guys!

-Andrew, Janelle & Diem Vick  

What do you get when you cross two photographers, two blondes, and a baby?  A freaking amazing time, that's what!!  This was a day for friends to play and soak up some culture.  Some were visions from the day before excursions, and other locations we found just from exploring.  Needless to say, we struck gold and were greeted with fellow smiles as we strolled back alleys and doorways.  I wanted to tie in the "stranded at sea" flare that Kyle and Wendy used for their Save the Dates and came across an abandoned boat with a sweet pocket of light that the camera could do no wrong.  This day would be one I would remember for a long time.   

Wedding Date: March 15th 2014

From the moment I met Dana and her mom, I fell hard for this special bond.  Both fought back tears this day, and early on I felt like we needed to assign a tissue holder.  Giving her away to Travis' care at Lake of the Isles Lutheran would be such an honor; he is a good man with a pure heart.  These two know how to live it up!  Both surround themselves with a solid crew of people, decided to rent out the Graves 601 ballroom, and dance the night away...hard!  The room was adorned with paper cranes hanging from branches that added a bit of cultural nod and hand-mande touch.  I loved it!  Before the night got away from us, we stole away for an epic stop along the riverbank to soak up the last rays of sunlight, creating some lifelong moments & memories for their family and friends to cherish.  This day made me fall back in love with Minneapolis and get excited for these two in life.

Molly and Bobby are simply made for each other.  As we were talking about ideas of places we could photograph, Charleston South Carolina was mentioned and these two lit up!  They were looking for a weekend away from all the wedding planning and heck, Janelle and I have never been to Charleston before.  That was it!  Bobby rented a fab house with two bedrooms for the weekend and we explored killer food, Boone Hall Plantations, and nooks around the old-world city, famous for the site of the first shots of the Civil War.  What an adventure weekend with two people we love! 

Chicago is where their romance blossomed so Chicago is where we photographed these two.  Kevin and Paige invited me along to play around the city that they call home as they will be getting married back in Minnesota this summer.  Our laughter kept us warm as these fun friends jumped from bridges to riverways to parkways.  It makes me even more excited for their wedding day ahead! 

This day was complete in every way!  Laura & Tyler bring out the best in each other and live life to its fullest in San Francisco.  They invited me into their world and explore with them some of their favorite places in this colorful city!  From skateboards to knives to archery, I have never met such a fun-loving couple with a crazy cool dark side edge.  Many of these moments look out of a movie set.  I couldn't get enough.  Our night ended swapping stories over incredible sushi by the Bay. 

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We here at Vick Photography were nominated by YOU and other wedding professionals for the Best Of Awards 2014 hosted by Minnesota Bride Magazine!  Its like the Oscars but for crafty wedding professionals across the state--its a big deal!  Our talented studio mates Vibrant Film also made the Top 3 this year!  Its a fun year to be apart of the studio family!   Just to be selected to represent photography in the state of Minnesota at this reader's choice awards is so humbling.  

To our friends and colleauges ...thank you for your support, passion for emotional imagery, and constant encouragement in life and in art!  You push us to be better every day.  Check out the 2014 class act of nominees!   

We really do have the best job in the world.

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With Love,

Andrew & Janelle Vick
and the talented artistry of Merina, Rachel, Susan, Billie, & Colleen: Team Vick Photography

When the grass turns green and the sun peeks out, it marks the start of our busy Engagement Session season. It is an important time to get warmed up with the camera and spend more time with me, Andrew, as I see it pay huge dividends on the wedding day. I put together some helpful pieces of advice for you:

1. Relax and don't over-think it. Be your playful selves and wear clothes you would normally go out in.  

2. Be sweet the night before! Take a night off from planning, do dinner, write your vows, or just be intentional.  Coming straight from work can present challenges connecting with one another. Positive vibes from the night before, sweet texts, or notes around the house the day of your session can really get the mojo flowing in the right direction.

3. Props can be a fun addition. Think of something quirky you both like, silly hats you wear, what you do in your free time, what teams you cheer for, or things you laugh out loud about. You can’t go wrong with laughter!

4. Glam it up! Some of our couples like to get hair styled, but even think about doing a trial make-up run.

5. Beware of over-tanning. Remember, natural is beautiful and no one wants to look orange on camera.

6. What about pets? Animals in our lives can either be a fun compliment or an attention stealer. Focusing on each other is a lost art form in our busy lives, but a pet is welcome to make a cameo.

7. Make it a date. Extend the fun and turn the time into a memorable and intentional date night or lunch out.  I am a huge foodie and dig giving recommendations on places you can explore.

8. Share your favorite 20 with us! How do YOU see your love story? Make a favorites folder in your online Engagement Gallery and post a collection to Facebook, tagging "Vick Photography".  We love seeing your favorites and learn a lot that helps prepare for the big day!

9. Stylish Guestbook? Ask about our brand new custom Art Guest Book, highlighting and enlarging your best moments on professional HD paper.


What’s Next?

  • Session times are available weekdays and select evening hours; plan on 1-2 hours depending on your session choice.

  • Please schedule your session 2-4 weeks before your desired date.

  • Select from our 3 session options:

        - In Studio: Meet me at the Living Room Studios and discover some local surrounding areas to play

        - On Location: You choose a favorite location around the Twin Cities area and I will meet you there!  Inquire about ideas as I love to customize it to fit your relationship story.

        - Destination Engagement:  Choose your own adventure!  I will jump on a plane to meet you in your hometown, favorite city, or exotic destination you have always wanted to explore.  Select fly dates available; call our studio for more information.

  •   Let the fun begin!  Call the studio Monday - Thursday from 10-5pm or email our studio manager Susan at    


See you soon friends!

Andrew Vick

Lead Photographer at Vick Photography


Wedding Date: January 25th 2014

I was counting down the days.  This was the day that I could repay by photographing the girl that made MY bride look so beautiful on our wedding day…oh and my mop as well.  Jillian is not only an incredible artist and hair stylist, her heart for people and life is apparent in everything she does.  I had heard about this "crazy boy" named Jon for several visits in Jill's salon chair, and to finally meet this man that seized her heart was a joy.  He simply adores her!  I was honored to be behind the camera and make their fairytale wedding day at the American Swedish Institute's mansion come to life.  The fresh snow and chilly temps did not deter these two from a day of many laughs and tears, with their favorite people in the world looking on.  As they sealed their union with a tapestry painting, guests broke out in applause and the two stole away to seek a quiet space in the mansion.  On this day, everything was so right in the world that even the Swedish lamps seemed to flicker their approval.  Life will be brighter with your lights joined together.  I am a big fan.


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