Wedding Date: July 5th 2014

I am not alone in saying we have waited a long time for this day.  Kimi is a catch and Tim closed the deal of his lifetime getting her to say yes to going out with him.  Together, they make up event-throwing royalty as there is always a good time to be had when you are around these two.  Krafty ideas and flare were everywhere at this celebration and the two anchored down at the Mariott Opus an extra two nights to set up their own tent and decor just for FUN.  And what fun they would have.  That morning, her mom Barb helped Kimi with final touches and a great big hug before I led her into a lavender field nearby to lay eyes on an emotion-filled Tim.  But not before her daddy got to send her along.   Tim and Kimi laughed and laughed as they couldn't believe the day was actually here.  Back at the hotel, friends joined in on the fun before they promised their lives to each other.  The event could not have flowed better or looked any more impressive.  Every detail was accounted for including dry ice blowing across the porcelain white dance floor as their guests jaws dropped.  Laughter was indeed the unofficial theme and hope it continues into all of your lifetime.  I love you both and will always cherish this day thinking of you.

Wedding Date: June 28th 2014

These two have a good thing going.  Both Katie and Mike come from large loving families and their friendships are much the same.  What a great group of friends they surround themselves with, I couldn't get enough!  The Woods would be the host for the front half of this day as ladies arrived at the wee hours of daylight to start their hair and makeup.  By the time Kaitie was ready to see her groom, there was one special man waiting to send her up the path: her father.  Even the threat of rain couldn't deter these two from a ceremony full of wonderful songs and strings as Katie beamed.  Following the ceremony, a sheet of rain chased us from the docks but not before I captured the drama of the light and dark.  Back at Lafayette Country Club, guests enjoyed a grand assortment of foods and beverages.  The sun would not be denied as it made its way for a grand finale and Katie and Mike stepped outside to bid it farewell...until they see it rise in Maui!

Wedding Date: June 21st 2014

The only thing almost as big as this wedding might have been the World Cup.  At least in the Panamanian families' eyes as smart phones were a glow in the moments before the ceremony getting score updates.  The winning goal in my opinion definitely came from Greg, where he promised forever to Carmen to the crowd's wild approval.  The Basillica of St. Mary's was pristine and Interlachen Country Club could not have been a more perfect fit.  A highlight of the day might have been the quick stop at home before the reception for everyone to refuel and take some special family photos.  These were indeed special families coming together from all over the globe to celebrate alongside Carmen and Greg. 

Wedding Date: June 14th 2014

It would be hard to find a more excited bride than Jillian.  Her special relationship with her sister plus the enthusiasm of her mom just made the start of this day way memorable.  Michael arrived at The Depot, and nerves were running wild.  Thankfully he had his guys to keep his feet grounded before I took to lay eyes, hands and lips on his bride.  Jillian bounced out the door, but not before giving her dad the biggest hug and telling him he was an incredible father.  My heart melted.  Jax Cafe awaited the crew but not before we made a little stop along Boom Island to enjoy the city skyline.  Mother Nature ended the night with a bang as the best electrical storm we have seen in years rumbled in approval.  Thank you guys for adopting me into your fun and zany family!


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