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How many nice words can I put into one blog? I have to space out the love I have for these two as they are very much ‘in-person’ type of people. They love their friends relentlessly, their families are pillars, and you can feel a greater force at work in their lives that is beyond my words on this page. Brett Dorian would agree, as we both were brought to tears this day and were reminded of why we love what we do, and who we have the privilege of serving. It was a dream pairing as a creative to have Brett’s handiwork and heart along for the ride. The sun shone bright and A’bulae and its epic rooftop opened its arms briskly to allow us to create a sexy combination of snow-blown art that still has me in goose bumps. In the end, laughter stole the show and we all felt our sides the next day. Thank you all for investing in these two and being a part of Hayley and Tyler’s beginning. I pray you will hitch your train to the exciting journey they have ahead, it’s not to be missed! All aboard!

Contributing Vendors: A’bulae (venue), Bellagala (florist), Linen Effects (rental decor), Mintahoe (catering), Buttercream (dessert), The Wedding Shoppe (dress and tux shop), Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios (hair and makeup), Queenikathleeni Designs (invitations), Thuente Productions (videographer), Bellagala (DJ)

Lindsay and Ethan are our neighbors, so wedding literally hit close to home. They have what you call “it” and have “it” in heaps. Anyone who spends just a few moments with them can see them beaming and eyes smiling at one another the way newlyweds do. It seemed only fitting that we celebrated at their home church with their most inner circle around them. Snow dusted the sidewalks to give these hockey fans a little taste of the season, and off they went to celebrate over an intimate dinner with family. We are exited to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to see more of your story unfold. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Contributing Vendors: Wooddale Lutheran Church (ceremony venue)

Wedding dresses were meant to get wet….at least that was Carrie’s belief as she dove into the ocean and resort pool head-first with her beaded gown on the evening after her wedding. This was the trip she and Brian had dreamed up from our first conversations and they had wanted to find a photographer bold enough to dream and expand their vision along the way. I had purchased some new underwater housing that I could not wait to show off and combined with two madly in love people made for a potent combo and some of my finest work to date.

The day before, Carrie fidgeted at the end of the dock at Playa Largo as she heard Brian’s white dock shoes clacking along the pier boards towards his bride. Their wedding day was finally here! Janelle and I knew from the moment we met this pair, we had too much in common to not be in each other’s lives. This union was special, as we made it an entire Vick family affair to the Keys, with Janelle doing the officiating and me behind the camera to gather every spontaneous moment. The sun and weather could not have been more perfect as guests took their seats and their dog led the charge down the aisle to ‘daddy.’ Dry eyes were hard to find and most blamed it on a combination of the breeze, sunshine, and champaign. The island-inspired food to follow did not disappoint, as guests enjoyed taking it all in as the sun sank into the ocean. The music carried everyone away where we would finish our final notes in a salt-water-inspired conga line. You just can’t make this stuff up! Best job ever.

Contributing Vendors: Playa Largo Resort & Spa (venue), Linens and More (florist and decor), Annika Bridal (dress), Sissi Hair and Makeup (makeup and hair), Vision DJ (music), White Confetti (officiant)